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With self-care as a starting point, we are empowering women to shape their own beauty ideal through natural, integrated wellness products.

Our Focus

This is what drives us.

We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice your authenticity, your confidence or your wellbeing to keep up with a highly competitive beauty standard. You deserve products that not only make you feel beautiful, but allow you to fundamentally understand your personal health. So, we’re creating unique products, ingredients and knowledge to help you care for and express your most beautiful self.

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How we're redefining beauty.

Today’s beauty industry is designed to ascertain beauty for us. Yet, we know that beauty is represented by so much more than meets the eye. We’re on a mission to develop an expansive portfolio of products that seamlessly blend outer beauty with inner wellness. With our harmonious products, you’re able to take control of your narrative and craft your own personal definition of beauty as you age.

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What makes us different?

We’re a team diversified by multiple generations, yet at the core we’re still consumers ourselves. We lead with innovation and ingenuity, keeping our consumer mindset in the forefront of everything we do. By putting your needs first, we bring every product to market with science-backed results.

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We believe that women are beautiful at every age, and we want them to believe they are, too.


We believe all bodies have a natural rhythm, which means that every formula is critical in reinforcing that equilibrium. From ideation to formulation, our process is backed by a strong in-house quality program and robust audit & testing requirements to help us build a line of integrated wellness products of the highest quality.

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